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Our willow warblers are among the park’s smallest birds; at 8.7 grams, they are only half the size of a robin. Their migration route, though, is the longest of any of the park’s birds: over 8,000km all the way to sub-Saharan Africa, an astonishing feat of endurance, and in April they will come all the way back to the park.

Willow warbler migration

by keithwlarson (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Another migrator from the spring of 2018:
The Chiffchaffs are back

3 thoughts on “More about migration

  1. They move so quickly I find it difficult to tell a willow warbler from a chiff chaff, especially if you can’t see their legs or hear their call.

  2. Really informative and interesting newsletter. Didn’t know that Southwick Country Park was so diverse and full of life – like Trowbridge itself!

    1. Thank you Marie; we work really hard on the diversity. We have applied for Local Nature Reserve status and our application is in the final stages; it will earn us some statutory protection that we don’t have at the moment.

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