Who does this. . .

Who does this? Who wraps their dog’s faeces up in a green plastic bag and then throws it into the trees next to the path alongside Lambrok Meadow? There are bins specifically for dogs’ faeces at each end of that stretch of path and a bin for general rubbish somewhere in the middle.

What do they think will happen to their dangling green bag of poop? Who do they think clears it up? The Friends of SCP clear it up; that’s who.

We should be braver; all of us should be brave enough to say something when we see fellow park users do stuff like this. We should be polite and non-confrontational and, for the sake of the park, we should ask people to clean up properly after their dogs.

3 thoughts on “Who does this. . .

  1. It is people like this that give the majority of dog owners a bad name and surely just dropping the bag in an appropriate bin must be easier than trying to fling it up into a tree.

    At the enterence to a popular dog walking field off of Wynsome Street large numbers of poo bags are left hanging in bushes, it seems to be a problem everywhere!

    When my son sees someone neglecting to pick up after their dog he offers them a poo bag though this doesn’t often shame offenders into using it, but it’s hard to fathom how baggiing poo and then hanging it up in view is considered preferable.

    As you say we must be braver and ask people to clean up after their dogs.

  2. It is probably kids who have been encouraged to take their dog for a walk who would rather be doing something else.

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