First work party of the year

by DKG

After the Christmas break, the volunteers all agreed it was good to get back together and commence the New Year, carrying out all the tasks to keep the park in the clean, tidy and well-maintained condition for our visitors and other wildlife. We were greeted with a frosty but sunny morning, a bit chilly at times, but great to be outdoors in the fresh air.


The first task of the day was to carry out  a clean up of the car park area and the main entrance, why do visitors think its a good place to drop litter or fly tip? There was even a baby-gro. An awning frame was removed from the hedge as well as garden waste dumped at the bottom end of the car park; somebody has also deposited rubble there. We made a start to clearing the area between the car park and Lambrok Stream of young blackthorn and brambles.


Please Note: the chippings in the far right-hand corner of the car park have not been fly- tipped but are for the filling-in of potholes. A sign has been erected to that effect.

The recently opened new path between Lambrook meadow and Kestrel Field has had more bark chippings added (see header picture) and the hedged border has been beefed up.

It was reported by Ian whilst working nearby that a tawny owl was spotted being mobbed by several magpies, with the owl being chased off. It skimmed Ian’s head fleeing this unruly mob; hard hats to be worn in future. There are new twigs in the nearby owl-box so let’s hope it was looking for nesting sites.


Pictures, unless otherwise credited, by DKG and S.Humphries

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