WHSAP: the Friends plan the next move

FoSCP’s Wednesday work party met half an hour early, in the car park, to discuss the latest developments in Wiltshire’s Housing Site Allocation Plan’s Examination.

We agreed that we should use the invitation to make both further written representation to the Inspector and to speak at the hearings that begin on April 2nd. The Lambrok’s biota is not a static thing and there have been changes and arrivals with the coming of spring weather. We feel that in the light of recent international reports of invertebrate species losses we should emphasise the importance of the Lambrok as the breeding ground for the flying insects that the bats come to hunt in the park.

Of particular concern is our ongoing attempt to raise funding for a professional ecological survey of the stream and Wiltshire’s failure to provide what we consider an adequate ecological appraisal of any of the sites at H2.4. H2.5 and H2.6. The completion of our application for Local Nature Reserve status still eludes us and the Lambrok Stream is without even that statutory protection.

We would like to include a report of the wildlife that either lives in or visits the sites at Church Lane, Upper Studley and Southwick Court. Can we ask you to help with this and use our contact details to tell us about the wildlife you see in these places? WHSAP proposes to close a green gap between Trowbridge and Southwick without any real understanding of its importance to local ecology.

Thank you.

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