Bird watching

by DKG

A few bird photos taken early yesterday morning, some proving uncooperative (yet again). Our resident Jackdaws near the picnic area are nest building in their usual hole, in fact this pair remain here or close by throughout the year.

Jenny Wren did pose eventually just long enough to get a clear photo, not so for the Great Spotted Woodpecker. I crept as close I dare but he would not turn to get a clear shot, only showing off his rear end, trying to me something?. This is the third time this year having failed to get a clear photo of the parks woodpeckers, fourth time lucky maybe?

Unfortunately, I am unable to identify the bird properly as yet 3563 – 3572. There was approximately 20 birds in this flock but I just could not get a clear shot, again always hiding behind branches/small twigs etc. This was the best I could get. Will look again to see if I can identify.

(We think it’s a meadow pipit. Ed)

Puddle corner appears to be coping, the water showing a slight build up entering opposite side, forgot to take photo. A pair of Mallards enjoying the extra water.

Photographs by DKG

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