The Phantom Ditch Digger of Lambrok Meadow

Over the past several years, FoSCP has been monitoring the development of the boggy patch right in the middle of Lambrok Meadow, south east of the goat willow.

Last year, there were caddis fly larvae there, which we think had time to develop into adults before the the puddles dried out. There has been frogspawn and even tadpoles there for the last two years. The flora is developing too, with sedges, rushes and cuckoo flowers.

Pictures from Creative Commons

Somebody has been trying to drain our boggy patch!

This email from Ian:

Pictures by Ian Bushell

Hi All,
Pics of the drainage channel somebody has dug to drain the boggy area.  The boggy area now is quite extensive and if it lasts should be good for some biodiversity.  Last working party, we filled in parts of this channel; I went back a few days later and the in-filling had been cleared, so I re-did it.  Today checked and again somebody has cleared the channel and thrown the turfs around.  I have redone and extended the infill but I am still no wiser as to who is doing this.

and this reply from DKG:

Hi Ian,
This has got to be a dog walker in my opinion who doesn’t like getting wet feet. I’ll keep an eye open when I’m down there early mornings – saw someone along there yesterday but nothing untoward going on.
Or some unknown burrowing rodent?

and, finally, this from your editor:

Ian and DKG,
Can I use the pictures and your emails and put it up on the website, please? Perhaps somebody will be able to tell us who is doing this and why; it’s very strange.

Lambrok Meadow used to be water meadows; when the hatches and channels fell into disuse, probably a century ago, there were three ponds left. All three were filled in at some time but two of them are re-establishing themselves as boggy patches and, to our delight, are slowly developing wetland flora and fauna.

Any ideas who the Phantom Ditch Digger might be? We would like them to stop, please.

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