Great spotted and green. . .

Mail from Ian yesterday morning:


Good walk today on a fine Sunday morning.  Sorry not to see you DKG, trust you’re OK.
Watched a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers courting in the willow beside the ford in the Lambrok, chasing each other through the branches and up and down the trunks.   At least two others calling and drumming in other parts of the park.  Spring definitely sprung with all the budding and flowers beginning to show.

Boggy area coming on well and still undisturbed. 


And a reply from DKG:

Hi Ian,

Nice to hear the woodpeckers have been seen, hoping to get down early tomorrow. Going up near the allotments to see if the Green Woodpecker has returned to its nest site and check on the Blue Tits in Sleepers. See you on Tuesday.


All photographs by DKG

More birds:

Winter blue tits
Battle in a nest box by Barbara Jonhson

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