An old ash tree at the top of The Race has been cut back by tree surgeons because it was very rotten in places and branches had fallen during the winter. It was considered too dangerously close to the path to be left to fall down and rot away at its own speed.

Now, we can see that there has been a jackdaw’s nest in the hole left by a branch that fell long ago. The nest may have been in that hole for several years; jackdaws, like a lot of corvids, return to the same nest site year after year if they can.

The jackdaw has been seen by Ian Bushell who said, “It disappeared into the stump on the upper left that is hollow and that is quite a nest in the fork there.”

Pictures from Ian Bushell of tree number 5570, an ash, after major surgery.

We may have disturbed the nest site to such an extent that the jackdaw and its partner will leave and nest elsewhere. Jackdaws like to nest in an enclosed space and we have opened up this space to predatory magpies and jays who might rob it if they know it is there. The severity of the pruning may boost the tree into life, though, and provide some cover.

DKG photographed the jackdaw (see header picture) sitting on the stump that is pretty much all that is left of what it must think of as My Tree.

Pictures by Ian Bushell and DKG

More about corvids:


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