Wednesday’s work party


A chilly start to the day with a cold North Easterly breeze greeting the FoSCP in the car park.

It was decided to return and tackle the area surrounding the ephemeral pond, near the allotments, clearing dead willow and brambles which have been encroaching into the pond. The work completed today has now allowed more light to enter the surrounding area of the pond. The pond is, hopefully to be used for the relocation of newts. The area cleared was then blocked with the cut timber/branches to prevent dogs from using the pond.

A start to clear the rear area of the pond was made after a short tea break, this area contains a lot of blackthorn, work in this area will be continued at the next meet up, Tuesday 30th April.

The dead/fallen willow laying across the pond will be sawn and removed by the Richard from the Country Team.

A few yellow iris’s were also removed and re-planted in the Village Green pond by Suzanne and Alison from the Country Side team

Pictures by DKG and SMH

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