The vandals are back

It must be summer, the vandals are back.

Email from DKG at 8.30am on Saturday:

My early morning walk around the park this morning turned to disappointment upon arriving at the lone oak.
Four horizontal rails have been torn/ripped off the fence. I discovered them soon afterwards chucked in the ditch on the bend opposite. This mindless act of vandalism carried out, presumably by some local children out just having fun.
Talking to some dog walkers in Sleepers, they said that the fence was okay early Friday evening.

A reply from Frank, our Marathon Man, at

Saw it myself this morning warming up for parkrun. Totally disgusted. 

Another reply from Clive at 4.00pm:

Had a look today on my usual dog walk determined little beggars weren’t they. At least they thought of health and safety and removed the trip hazard of the broken off pieces and moved them to a safe place in the hedge line. Have noticed more kids/teenagers in the park this week; one can only hope we don’t have a summer of this as volunteer days could be well busy .

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This was done Friday evening; anybody who has information that might lead to the perpetrators should contact the police. Here are contact details

6 thoughts on “The vandals are back

  1. There seems to be a group of children/teenagers who come to the park just to break things.

  2. there was a group of lads Saturday lunchtime (12-30 ish), ages approx 15, about 6 of them , there was no damage at that time, but ide assume it was them.

    1. The damage was seen and reported to us by 8.00am Saturday morning. We assume it was done on Friday evening. Thanks for the information though; every little helps. Surreptitious photos (taken without endangering yourself) would help even if it only eliminates people.

  3. I agree. It isn’t mindless stuff from children playing. I think it is somebody deliberately setting out to break something.,

  4. Sadly children, usually boys have resorted to this sort of behavior for generations. Would speaking to schools help. (or might it make it worse!) Hopefully children are becoming more aware of protecting the natural world and there own environment, perhaps peer pressure will come int play eventually.

  5. A group of four boys was seen damaging the fence and reported to the police who responded immediately. The boys ran off when the police arrived. It is probable that the police know who they are; a good community police team usually knows who their vandals are. Hopefully they will catch up with them.

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