Picker Uppers of the week: Jo and Milo. Thank you both for helping us look after the park.

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  1. Thanks to Jo and Millo and to all those dog owners who pick up after their dogs in the park or where ever the need arises.

    1. Most people ARE picking up. In fact the whole litter situation is improving; there will always be the few who insist on throwing their dog’s faeces, nicely bagged, into the bushes but on the whole, people use the park responsibly.

  2. Surely it is not possible for someone with six dogs to properly clean up as they should, I walk just one and it can be sometimes a challenge to locate and effectively bag.

    1. We agree. The county has received complaints about the number of professional dog walkers that seem to use the park almost daily. It’s not just their failure to clean up; the dogs are often unruly and people find them frightening. FoSCP has been told by several people that they no longer take their children to the park because of the apparent danger of out of control dogs.
      The county says that they are considering a couple of options; limiting the number of dogs any one person can take into the park and/or requiring that dog walkers be licenced.

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