Notable trees

Wiltshire keeps a record of all the notable trees on all county-owned land. Each tree’s species, approximate age and its grid reference are written down; it is given a number and its photograph is taken.

Categorising notable trees is an inexact science best left to the experts. Age, size, species and position in a landscape can all be taken into account; an eight hundred year old oak in an ancient hedgerow and a hundred year old ash, standing alone on the top of a hill, might both be called notable.

We don’t know how many trees that actually comes to in total, but Southwick Country Park is custodian to numbers 5456, a maple in the car park, to 5590, an oak in the boundary between Hope Nature Centre and the village allotments.

Ian Bushell keeps a record of our notable trees and any work done on or around them, and any change or damage due to age, weather, disease or fungal infection. This record is in the main menu under Biodiversity > Flora > Tree Record.

But here is a button that will take you straight there:

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