More about our notable trees

By Patrick Jones

I’ve just been looking through the Tree Survey for the Country Park before passing it on to the committee and was amazed by the sheer number of specimen trees. I could not resist breaking it down. I don’t know if this has been done but the following are my (possibly inaccurate) figures.

138 listed trees comprising:-

107 oaks

  • 10 ancient
  • 16 veteran
  • 81 other

10 willows  

  • 1 ancient
  • 4 veteran
  • 5 others

17 ash 

  •   2 veteran
  • 15 other

4 other varieties

In olden days we could have knocked up a couple of ships from these!

2 thoughts on “More about our notable trees

  1. It took 2000 oak trees to build an 18thC ship of the line but only 15 to build a Viking longboat so you have enough oaks for a small fleet. Up for a spot of pillaging?

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