Park Watch update

Our suggestion that we set up a Park Watch along the lines of a Neighbourhood Watch brought in a double handful of volunteers, all of them regular park users. They said that they wanted to help or that they hated to see the park spoiled in any way; nearly all said the park is a special place for them.

We put the plan to the Community Police who think it is an excellent idea. Our very own PCSO Melissa Glover is leaving us and has passed us into the care of her replacement, PCSO Matthew Till, so it may take a little longer to set this up than we had anticipated. We have invited Matthew to join FoSCP’s next committee meeting which will be on the 28th of this month.

We are still calling for volunteers. All we are looking for is regular park users who are happy to report damage or antisocial behaviour. We aren’t clear in our minds yet as to how this intelligence will be collected and what will be done with it but we know it can be made to work .

We will be in touch with our volunteers when we have something more to report.

Here is a contact button, if you wish to join us.

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