The latest Church Lane update

The decision on RPS’s application to build 65 houses on the field south of Church Lane has been delayed again, until July 31st. We expect that this is, in part, to allow the Secretary of State’s Inspector, Stephen Lee, to make his decision and final report on Wiltshire’s Housing Site Allocation Plan.

Of the Consultees who were asked by the planning department to contribute to the public consultation on planning application 18/10035/OUT which ended on 21st December 2018, several did not reply before the deadline. Wiltshire Council’s Arboriculturist submitted a report on January 18th which was not made public until FoSCP made enquires; it supports the application if some very stringent conditions are met.

One of the Consultees who did not contribute to the public consultation was Wiltshire Council’s Ecology Department; neither have they contributed since. There has been a suggestion that the ecological assessment of the Church Lane site and the other sites in WHSAP will be left to the developers. In light of the Preliminary Ecological Appraisal that RPS submitted with its application to develop the Church Lane site, we think that this is an error.

The year has been punctuated with terrifying international reports about the planet’s failing biodiversity. Britain’s has been outed as one of the world’s most damaged ecologies, a terrible indictment against a background of rainforests laid waste by plantations. This is not the right time for anybody to shrug off the responsibility of knowing, understanding and taking steps to save their local ecologies and the web of lives they support.

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2 thoughts on “The latest Church Lane update

  1. I hope that Stephen Lee, the WHSAP Inspector actually visited the site to fully understand the sensitive nature of the Lambrok and the whole Country Park (Local Nature Reserve). The FoSCOP reps at the Inquiry put their objections to the development in a professional manner and objected to the 45 housing units specified in WHSAP.

    I understand that some preliminary comments will be available in the near future but a detailed report is likely to be some months away. So we wait and wait and hope for a good outcome from our viewpoint.

    1. In his closing remarks when the hearings ended on April 16th, Mr Lee said that he had visited all the sites.
      His preliminary report was due on the 9th May. FoSCP contacted Wiltshire Spatial Planning on the 9th and was told the report had been delayed “a few days” and would be published on the WHSAP website as soon as it was available. We don’t know if the report has arrived, but it has not been published on the website yet.

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