Burst water main

The Lambrok is filled with the sediment from a burst water main further upstream near Southwick Court, where the footbridge crosses into Spring Gardens. Wessex Water cannot fix it until Tuesday; they are waiting for a new part to be delivered.

The Environment Agency has made Wessex Water turn down the water pressure so that less sediment is being washed into the stream. Hopefully there will not be too much damage to our Lambrok’s biota; we are particularly worried about the waterfly nymphs that live on the gravel stream bed.


2 thoughts on “Burst water main

  1. Not something I was aware of before,I hope it does not cause damage.

    1. I think damage is inevitable Barbara. It’s a really bad time of year for this to happen; all kinds of water fly are laying eggs in the stream and an overlay of fine silt will suffocate them.

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