Scooping poop

Please pick up after your dog.

We hate to nag but last weekend was particularly bad; there were complaints from several people:

” Was walking around the parkrun route with my grandchildren on Sunday teatime and was staggered by the amount of dog poo everywhere.”

” I was greeted this morning by a poo bag on the ground, adjacent to the picnic area, right next to the bin and in view of the new signs regarding dog fouling. Yes. the bag contained dog poo. Lazy *******”

Quite apart from the smell, which can be pretty awful when the sun comes out, there is the risk to children of Toxocariasis, an increasingly common disease that is caused when children are infected with the eggs of roundworms (Toxocara canis) from the faeces of dogs.

It’s coming up haymaking time. In the next couple of weeks our tenant farmer will cut the grass for either hay or haylage. All the dog poop that has been left in the field will be taken in with the hay, stored and eventually fed to livestock in which it can cause serious disease. The eggs of the parasites that most dogs harbour are very persistent and live on or in the soil and vegetation for a long time after the rain has apparently washed the faeces away.

Some of the park’s fields are not easily accessible for large modern farm machinery and in these the farmer uses an old fashioned baler to make old fashioned rectangular bales. These are the sort of hay bales that get sold to local pet shops and are sliced up as fodder for rabbits and guinea pigs; the sort that your children handle every day when they feed their pets. Please pick up your dog’s poop.

Salisbury City Council has taken a novel approach which has impressed Trowbridge Town Council. There have been meetings between the two councils about the problems of dog faeces in areas popular with walkers.

Wiltshire Council has also been looking into the possibility of issuing Public Space Protection Orders for certain dog poop hotspots; FoSCP is beginning to think that despite all our efforts Southwick Country Park has become a dog poop hotspot. Somerset has had some success with this approach

The park is so beautiful at this time of year; please let’s keep it that way.

2 thoughts on “Scooping poop

  1. That some people can be so selfish, thoughtless and irresponsible is beyond belief.

    1. I thought we had made some progress on the dog poop front but it seems not. There are people who drive to the bottom of the car park and let their dog/dogs out into Lambrok Meadow for a crap while they just stand there. Then they get back into the car with their dog/dogs and drive away. We are hoping to entice the dog warden into the car park one morning to see how many we can catch.

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