Park users often send us their photographs of the park: larch cones in the rain, their children or grandchildren playing in the woods, butterflies on the point of escaping from the picture, first flowerings, blurred birds and fabulous views of the sunset. We would love to be able to publish more of them

Mostly such photographs are sent via Messenger and/or our Facebook page, both of which seem to reduce the size of the picture file before they send it. For instance, a photograph posted in the comments below a Southwick Country Park Facebook post, usually arrives as a thumbnail of 200 x 300 pixels or a scaled image far too small to show up properly on the website. Even visitor posts on our Fb page scale images back.

Messenger will send more pixels but not always enough to either show the real quality of the picture or to fill the bigger screen of a laptop or desktop computer. The website prefers, if possible, something in the region of 1500 x 1000 pixels.

Photographs shared from a phone seem to be automatically scaled down but your phone may offer you a different option if you search its menus.

We would love to showcase more of your photographs and would always encourage you to send them but please email them to us, preferably as a JPEG, with as many pixels as you can muster. This gives us room to adjust pictures to the needs of the website and its followers.

Our email address is

Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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