Why is blue so rare in nature?

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  1. Really interesting but funny how it is always suggested that changes in the appearance etc of living creatures is something they somehow intentionally bring about rather than a random chance of evolution.

    1. I understand what you mean but there ARE forces and directions in evolution. Mutations are random events but the selective pressure on those mutations is anything but: it has direction. Lepidoptera that flew in daylight were subjected to new selective pressures and their species were pushed towards increasingly complex structural responses to light.
      I think part of the problem is that we poor humans find it hard to think of such mechanisms without assigning purpose.

  2. I do agree and appreciate the validity of your explanation. However the way I look at it is that a small evolutionary change may occasionally occur giving an individual member of a species an advantage that benefits itself and its descendants to such an extent that over perhaps thousands of years the original species dies out to be exclusively replaced by those who have inherited this beneficial advantage. An example being an evolutionary change that gave one primate the ability to see a greater range of colour enabling it to better distinguish ripe fruit from unripe and fresh new leaves from older growth..this proved to be such an advantage that eventually all inherited this ability because those without it could not compete and died out.

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