Burning of school books at Southwick Park

Email from a park user on Monday:

To: friendsofscp@outlook.com
cc. general@clarendonacademy.com
Subject: Burning of school books at Southwick Park

Please accept my apologies for bringing you bad news.
While walking in the park this evening, approximately 7:15, we spotted some smoke coming from the copse in Sheep Field.
As we approached, several lads and a girl quickly made an exit and we found a pile of school textbooks on fire.
We managed to put out the flames and also took some pictures for you, which are attached.
I hope this helps you and again I’m really sorry. If there’s anything else we can do, please let us know.

Kindest regards

We know that the exams are over and that celebrations are called for but this is just plain daft.

We forwarded the mail and the pictures to PCSO Mat Till; they show that the text books and exercise books are from Clarendon Academy. We have only used one picture here because the others showed the names of the children quite clearly.

Please don’t start fires in the park: book burnings, barbecues, arson, camp fires all present a danger to our woodland and our wildlife.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Burning of school books at Southwick Park

  1. Such senseless vandalism! Presumably those responsible can now be identified from their names on these books.

    1. Idiot children, celebrating the end of exams in an entirely inappropriate manner, which we hope school and parents will deal with appropriately. We do worry about their inclination to start fires, though.

  2. How silly to leave books with their names on the front. Are the police going to do anything about it?

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