Work party report

by DKG

The FoSCP met in the car park on what was a damp start to tackle more tasks in the park but at least the rain had stopped. Richard from the Countryside Team suggested the day’s work.

The list included re-inserting and replacing any missing posts on the driveway to the Hope Nature Centre and checking their grassed car park was correctly marked out and marker-tapes secure.

On to the notice boards: the overhanging branches and shrubbery and surrounding areas were cut back, giving visitors a clear view of the latest park news.

The long path adjacent to the picnic area and running down the side of the copse in Corn field has been cut back. Walkers can now use it without being attacked by overgrown brambles and blackthorn. We also trimmed back the path through the tunnel at the top of the Arboretum.

Wood chipping have now been spread over the track used by council and contractor vehicles near the main gate, between Simpson’s field and the Aboretum.

I am pleased to report that all the required work was completed and hope this will be appreciated by the park users.


Sometimes we do have work parties in the sunshine:

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