Ten wood pigeon facts

ONE: Wood pigeons are the most numerous large bird in Britain with an estimated 5 million breeding pairs.

TWO: While the average age of a wood pigeon is 3 years, the majority of young birds die within their first 12 months and the record age for a ringed wild bird is over 16.

THREE: Baby pigeons are called squabs.

FOUR: Squabs are fed by both parents on a regurgitated liquid known as crop or pigeon milk.

FIVE: A female wood pigeon never lays more than two eggs in a clutch

SIX: A wood pigeon’s crop can hold as many as 150 acorns, 1,000 grains of wheat or 200 beans.

SEVEN: It takes a young wood pigeon 16 weeks to acquire its distinctive white neck ring.

EIGHT: A male pigeon will incubate the eggs in the morning, until around mid-afternoon when the female will take over .

NINE: The total weight of all the feathers on a wood pigeon is greater than the weight of its entire skeleton.

TEN: A wood pigeon’s eye is a bright yellow.

AND ONE FOR LUCK: In a Japanese laboratory in 1995, wood pigeons were trained to discriminate between paintings by Picasso and by Monet.

Header and footer photos by DKG

Even more about wood pigeons here:

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  1. 11. A Wood Pigeon’s call says: “My TOE hurts, mummy, my TOE hurts, mummy, my TOE hurts, mummy, my”. Listen – he always does the extra “my” at the end.

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