Fire damage to the Carved Seat

Somebody has used the Carved Seat in Kestrel Field as a fire place!

What a extraordinary thing to have done. The Carved Seat is a beautiful piece of artwork, donated to the park more than a quarter of a century ago. Like the Wildlife Wheel, it is made of oak and has gently weathered over the years into a feature that fits perfectly into its landscape.

People use it as a staging post, somewhere to rest for a while on a hot day. It’s a meeting place, a well known landmark, the background to a thousand photographs; families with little children picnic there, young couples hide there out of sight from the main path. Why on earth would anybody want to damage it?

Please do not light fires in the park!

Ian Bushell took the picture of the fire damage.

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  1. That is really strange. Whoever lit the fire on the seat must have been sitting on the ground!

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