Notes from Friends of Southwick Country Park

By Sarah Marsh

The long dry spell of weather has been good for our tenant farmer who has been able to get an early cut of the crass. It has also been good for the farmer as nearly all the ragwort has gone from the mowing fields. After a lot of hard work from the Friends last year to remove plants and spot spray, there appears to be very little in evidence this year.

Of course the warm weather is also good growing weather and the brambles are loving it. The Friends’ last couple of work parties has seen us tackling the pathways trying to keep them clear. We do our best to keep the paths clear and have also put some wood chippings on the ground to soak up any mud and it also acts as a mulch to keep weeds down.

Brambles and the constant work of cutting them back

We are hoping the weather will remain good for the August Bank Holiday Flower Show and Fete. A group of the Friends will be doing a car boot in the sports field as we have done for a number of years. This is a good fund raiser for us and the weather helps the crowds. Come and find us and spend some money please!

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