What is the Country Park worth?

by David Feather

As a reader of this website, you value the Country Park but can you put a financial value on it? I would have thought that it was almost impossible, but the Government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) believes it can.

Having just come back from a lovely day in the Park with children from Studley Green school, I have been following up an article I read in my daily paper this morning. The headline read “Mountains, Moors and Heaths offer £20bn in green benefits.” Then what about the woodlands and fields of the Country Park? Yes, they too have a monetary value.

Woodlands are brilliant at soaking up carbon and air pollution. For 2015, for example, the value put on this for the 3.16 million hectares of woodlands across the whole country was £1.8 billion. The total asset value was calculated as £87 billion.

Grassland makes a valuable contribution. The around 17million hectares in the UK are worth £1.7 billion. Less per hectare than woodland, but overall a substantial sum.

Some work is needed to assess how much woodland the Country Park contributed to these sums. If anyone is interested in looking at the ONS statistics, follow his link.

I would hope that Wiltshire Planners are factoring in this sort of information when they are developing the local Plan.

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  1. While measuring the importance of our open spaces and countryside must be a good thing, measuring it in pounds and pennies seems strange. Is money the only universally understood measurement of worth we have?

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