Missing believed stolen!

One of the panels from the Decorated Bridge between Cornfield and Village Green has gone missing.

The panel has been taken out with very little damage to the posts; we are assuming, therefore, that somebody came armed with a screwdriver for the express purpose of stealing one of our bridge panels.

We aren’t sure when this was done because, on that side of the bridge, there is an overhanging willow sapling that partially hides the panels. It might have been done several days ago. If anybody can help us pinpoint exactly when it was taken please contact FoSCP or PCSO Mat Till.

The two sides of the bridge are mirror images so we have a photograph of the missing panel’s identical mirror twin. Its main image is of a dove taking flight; lower down there is a frog, looking as if it’s about to jump off the bridge and into the stream. The panel is probably a metre tall; it wouldn’t be an easy thing to smuggle out of the park unseen.

It would actually make a good front gate. So, keep an eye out for new front gates and if you see one with a dove taking flight at the top and a frog about to leap at the bottom, take its picture and its address and send them to us.

The panels are a work of art, like the Carved Seat and the Wildlife Wheel, they were made to be displayed in the park. The smallest bit of information might help us get the missing panel back where it belongs.

Thank you.

One of DKG’s beautiful pictures of the decorated bridge

3 thoughts on “Missing believed stolen!

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  1. It seems some people will steal anything that takes their fancy or that can easily be sold. We should all keep our eyes open for this decorative panel so that hopefully it may be returned.

  2. Has it been thrown in the big pond? If it was kids over the weekend just pulling the panel out for “fun” they might carry it along and throw it in the pond.

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