A WHSAP update

The target date for Wiltshire Council’s planning department’s decision on RPS’s outline application (reference number 18/10035/OUT) to build 65 houses on the fields between Southwick Country Park and Church Lane (WHSAP site H2.4) has been moved yet again, this time to Monday December 2nd 2019.

Previously the decision had been expected by the beginning of this week but it is not known yet if the site will actually be allocated for development by the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan. The Secretary of State’s Inspector, Stephen Lee, after the WHSAP hearings in April, returned the plan to Wiltshire Council with preliminary advice that changes be made before the plan is submitted for a final decision.

This week Wiltshire Council published its response. After several paragraphs concerning issues with specific WHSAP sites, the letter states:

. . . the Council will prepare, appraise and consult on a schedule of ‘Additional Main Modifications’ (AMMs) to address all the specific matters set out in your preliminary advice note. It is our intention to move quickly and provide you with a draft schedule of AMMs for your consideration before end July 2019. We will provide you with a more precise date if that would be helpful. In our submission we will set out wording to cover the matters you’ve identified and provide you with an update to our Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment that covers the proposed AMMs. It is possible that the AMMs may affect the main modifications already before you that have been consulted on and as such we propose to identify where this is the case in the interest of clarity. If you are content with the material we present you with, we will then undertake a six-week consultation in line with our Statement of Community Involvement.

If we assume that the the draft schedule of Additional Main Modifications has already been sent to Mr Lee, and that he is content with the draft, the next move will be the publication of the actual schedule of Additional Main Modifications and a six week period of public consultation. The target date for a decision on Application 18/10035/OUT (December 2nd) gives us an idea of the timetable that Wiltshire Council is working to; if all goes well for the draft AMMs, we can expect the public consultation to begin some time in September or October.

The WHSAP timetable, since the hearings, has not been widely published; the last two documents to be made public have appeared as tiny blue links in the Latest News section of the WHSAP Examination’s error-prone page on Wiltshire Council’s website. Bookmark the link when you have made it work and keep an eye on it.

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    1. They don’t make it easy; they aren’t breaking any rules and probably, in their own estimation, are behaving quite ethically BUT they aren’t making it easy.

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