The Wiltshire Housing Plan and Church Lane.

By David Feather

If anyone is wondering about the Wiltshire Housing Plan and its proposals for the area off Church Lane, it seems that you will have to keep on wondering for some time more. We have not forgotten about it and are watching “progress”. The wheels of bureaucracy grind on very slowly but hopefully this will be of advantage to those of us who love Southwick Country Park. We need to ensure that the planners get it right.

You will eventually have the opportunity of commenting once more on the plan through a further consultation. In a letter to the Inspector in June, Alistair Cunningham, the Executive Director of Wiltshire Council, wrote:-

the Council will prepare, appraise and consult on a schedule of ‘Additional Main Modifications’ (AMMs) to address all the specific matters set out in your preliminary advice note. It is our intention to move quickly and provide you with a draft schedule of AMMs for your consideration before end July 2019.”

There is no indication on the Wiltshire Council website that this has yet been done. We will keep watching. It is not as interesting as watching the wildlife, but it has to be done.

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  1. Thanks for updating us David. The decisions made for the Church Lane site will have implications for all the proposed sites close to the Lambrok waterway.
    Here in Blind Lane we are once again being asked to consider a Redrow development of 100 homes next to the Lambrok Stream behind Blind Lane. If Redrow ‘gets a foot in the door’ there is every chance they will seek to develop the whole area of farmland at Poles Hole Farm, where they have an option, meaning several hundreds more homes eventually. Not good news for the Lambrok waterway, that runs throughout the whole site.

  2. If FoSCoP is to help protect the water quality of the Lambrok then we have to be concerned about any upstream development. I don’t believe Redrow have made a planning application yet so, if you have a link to their proposals, then I would be very interested in seeing them.

  3. As part of the Neighborhood Plan procedure, Southwick NP Steering Group are having to consider a number of applications, some large some small, put forward to build on sites in Southwick. Eventually the more suitable proposals will be put before Southwick residents for them to make a choice. As they decided they only wanted a small number of new homes, hopefully the larger sites will be discarded.

    All proposals will also need to take account of the Trowbridge Bat Mitigation Strategy which will lessen the numbers of homes developers are allowed to build here. Protecting the Lambrok waterway is also very high on our list of priorities but big developers like Redrow Homes will still keep trying to get their plans through!

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