Bats in August

By Ali Rasey

August is a busy time for our batty residents!

As many of you know, Southwick Country Park provides a home for several bat species.  In August, they are on the move again.  The female bats, many of whom have given birth to a single ‘pup’ in June, are starting to leave the maternity roost now that their offspring are getting independent (the young bats are now able to catch insects for themselves, and don’t need their mother’s milk).  So, the mums are able to move on to other roosts, with the need to find a mate on their minds. 

Image © Bat Conservation Trust

The male bats have spent the summer hanging out, sometimes with each other and sometimes on their own, and generally giving the maternity roosts a wide berth (they don’t have anything to do with child-rearing!); so they are keen to catch up with the females again now they are in circulation and, as September approaches, mating will begin.  More about what our bats are up to will follow next month . .

Header image: pipistrelle (CC0)

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