The Friends of Southwick Country Park spent a very hot Bank Holiday Monday at the Show and Car Boot on the village sports field. An annual event, which we have used three years running to raise funds for the Park.

Fund raising is an essential part of the Friends group as it helps to pay for items such as new benches, wildflower seeds and native daffodils as well as hi-viz waistcoats and other equipment and tools. So on Monday, we raised just over £90.00 from donated items: books, crockery, glassware and any number of items that you just think no-one would want and then some-one does want it! Several Friends gifted their home grown plants and vegetables.

As well as raising funds, it is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the group and the Park and how volunteers work really hard to keep the Country Park accessible to all. Despite the hot weather, it really can be fun chatting to visitors about our work and it is nice to receive some compliments too. We always welcome volunteers so don’t forget 9.30 a.m. in the main car park on the 2nd Wednesday and last Tuesday of the month and it’s always fun regardless of the weather.


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  1. Well done for raising over £90. Bill and I did come to the show but couldn’t seem to find you and our dog Buddy became rather uncomfortable in the heat so we had to take him home. Next year perhaps!

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