by Sarah Marsh

Always looking for new ways to raise funds, the Friends have found that some of the litter collected around the Park can be turned into cash. 

Aluminium drinks cans have a scrap value which at the moment varies around 50p per kilo.  This does translate to an awful lot of cans and is an ongoing project for the future,

We recently raised £30; at the present rate of collection, we should achieve about £60-70 over a twelve month period.  At the moment we rely on cans picked up as litter, but we can’t take into account the cans put into the litter bins placed around the Park.  It would be nice if we had separate collection points in the Car Park so that more don’t end up as landfill. 

We will gratefully receive any cans (aluminium only) which can be left in the Car Park on our volunteer mornings. Next Wednesday, the 11th of September, we will meet in the Car Park at 9.30am and we will be in the Park until just after midday.

 As always, our volunteer days are the second Wednesday and the last Tuesday of each month. Everyone welcome.

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