Main Modifications to WHSAP

Yesterday, Wiltshire Council published A Schedule of Further Main Modifications to its Housing Site Allocation Plan (WHSAP).

There will be a six week period of public consultation beginning today, September 12th and ending on Friday 25th October. The consultation documents are listed on the WHSAP Examination page:

EXAM/33 – Schedule of Further Main Modifications to the draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan
EXAM/34 – Revised Sustainability Appraisal Report Non-Technical Summary – Sep 2019
EXAM/35 – Revised Sustainability Appraisal Report – Sep 2019
EXAM/36 – Sustainability Appraisal Report Annex III – Sep 2019
EXAM/37 – Updated Addendum to the Habitats Regulations Assessment – Sep 2019

The Schedule of Further Main Modifications is a complicated 70 pages long and presented in the form of a table; pages 18 to 28 refer specifically to sites H2.4 (Church Lane), H2.5 (Upper Studley) and H2.6 (Southwick Court). These are the sites about which FoSCP are particularly concerned because they adjoin the Lambrok Stream.

The Sustainability Appraisal’s revised Summary (EXAM/34), Report (EXAM/35) and Annex (EXAM/36) are even wordier and more complicated; the revised Report, for example is 347 pages long.

As yet, we have only been able to scan through these documents. We will return to the subject in the next few days and try to interpret the modifications as they pertain to Southwick Country Park.

If you are concerned for the future of the park and for the conservation of Lambrok Stream, please take part in this public consultation. If you have questions or concerns that we might help with, contact us on

Pictures by DKG

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