Apple Festival

by David Feather

Its the apple time of the year, when lawn mowing is made difficult by fallen apples, when cider is made and when apple festivals are held.  The Trowbridge Festival is on Saturday 12th October in Trowbridge Park and all are welcome. 

You can bring your spare apples to juice them, or an apple pie for the baking competition.  

As you have walked the park you will have seen our orchard, next to the allotments.  This was planted in 2014 and the trees are slowly growing to a reasonable size.  The Friends will have to make some plans for picking and using the apples and hopefully participating in future apple festivals.  Our apples are heritage varieties, from Wiltshire or East Somerset, with names such as Bedwyn Beauty, Usher’s Gutter and Beauty of Bath.  Some are desert, some eating, some for cider.  The original labels have fallen off but we think we know which tree is which.  As the trees grow we are looking forward to a good show of blossom next Spring.  This is something else to look forward to.

Beauty of Bath

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  1. With a name like ‘Pippa Greenwood’ she was the obvious choice for a Special Guest at the Trowbridge Apple Festival!

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