Community priorities 2019

Wiltshire Council is conducting a survey. They want to make it easy for everyone in Wiltshire to influence decisions that will affect their local areas. They are asking you to choose your five priorities from a long list of local issues. Wildlife and biodiversity is half way down the list.

We believe that the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity should be integrated into every part of Wiltshire’s planning: into education and housing, pest control and parking, waste collection and street markets There should be no corner of Wiltshire’s Council that does not concern itself with conservation.

In February of 2019 Wiltshire Council voted to acknowledge the global climate emergency and to work towards making the county carbon neutral. The motion said:

. . and thus make low carbon living easier to achieve and the new norm, while protecting the most vulnerable in society from poverty.

This is excellent; we particularly like the term new norm. We would like to see conservation raised to the same level: a new norm that underpins all the council’s thinking and planning.

If you have a moment to spare, consider taking part in the council’s survey of community priorities and if you are as frightened as we are by Britain’s failing ecology, please tick the wildlife and biodiversity box and/or put conservation in the spare box at the bottom of the list.

No, of course we wouldn’t put the needs of our park’s ecology above the needs of the homeless or the sick, or the needs of anybody’s child but we would applaud any council that makes provision for our children or the sick and needy within the context of a new norm of planning for conservation.

All photographs taken by DKG in Southwick Country Park

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