Work Party

The main task was haloing the oak trees in the boundaries of the copse between Sleepers and Sheep Field.

Here is Ian’s report from the scouting parties that went out from the main party to mend broken fences and play with the new brush cutter:

” Initially Dave & I were with Rich for mending the fence around the Lone Oak and then the bridge between Cornfield and Sleepers.   Ali, Clive and David started up in the orchard; Clive and Ali strimmed around and cleared the bases of the apple trees while David set about pruning the trees. Fences mended, I joined them in the orchard and Dave joined your party.
The Oaks that have now been  haloed on the hedge line junction between Sheep Field and Sleepers and the private land are  5554, 5555, 5556, 5557 and 5558.”

And Pat, Queen of the Litter Pickers, made her usual sweep around the park.

mending fences around the Lone Oak and the bridge between Sleepers and Cornfield

meeting in the car park and brush cutting in the orchard.

a lesson in tree-felling for Louise from our Tree Officer

haloing oak trees, an ongoing task

the essential coffee time

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