Thank you Brian and Chris

Email from Brian and Chris of Southwick, who are moving house.

Good morning

I have various garden tools that I will no longer need. These include a fork, spade, rake, lawn rake, loppers (light branches), trowels, secateurs and probably other things. Most of these items are in almost new condition. Would any of these things be of any use to the country park? I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian and Chris

Good Afternoon Brian and Chris,

That is very generous of you.  The FoSCP can certainly use some of these tools and we have other volunteer groups locally that would appreciate them.  I could arrange to collect them at your convenience. Again many thanks.

Ian Bushell

Hi Ian

We’re in Southwick. We’re here for most of the day tomorrow then away until Tuesday afternoon. Whatever is best for you, just let us know.

Brian and Chris

Trowbridge sensory garden

Hi Brian and Chris,

I have been asking around to make the most of your generosity.  The hand tools – trowel/fork, hoe, lawn edger and leaf rake – are all destined for the volunteers who maintain the Sensory Garden in Trowbridge Park, just a pleasant stroll from your new home.  The lawn mower, if still available, could go to a volunteer group in Bradford on Avon who maintain gardens of the aged/invalids etc and loan out to needy gardeners.
The rest, loppers, shears, spade, secateurs etc we can put to good use in the park.


Hi Ian

The lawn mower is certainly still available and when could you pick it up? We’re here all day Sunday, if you can make it over sometime that day?

Brian and Chris

Thank you Chris and Brian for your generosity.

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