Vulpes vulpes, Britain’s only species of fox; in fact Britain’s only native member of the Canidae family.

We are fairly sure that there are no fox dens in the park but we have no idea how many foxes hunt there or how many cross the park’s fields on their way to check out the chicken runs and rubbish bins of Trowbridge and Southwick. Foxes are creatures of such habit that they leave narrow paths through the grass, and gaps in the hedges marked with tufts of red hair, so we know they are there.

Foxes are omnivores; in the park, they will be looking for insects, field voles, frogs, wood mice, worms, eggs, fruit and seeds. They are also the most successful of generalists, happy to eat any kitchen scraps they might find in your bin or left-overs in take-away containers discarded in a gutter.

pictures from Google images

You would have to be up and about early to meet a fox in the park but if you have seen one recently, please let us know.

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