Indigestion remedies from the park

The willow walk: a gentle walk after a heavy meal activates the digestive processes and prevents heartburn; even fifteen minutes will help. Get your boots on.

Yarrow is one of the commonest plants in the park; you will be able to find its leaves at any time of the year. As a tisane, it will ease Christmas indigestion.

Water mint grows all the way along the Lambrok and its little tributary. All mints, made into a tea, are excellent remedies for digestive problems.

Wild chamomile (matricaria discoidea) is also called pineapple weed. Chamomile tea is a soothing end to a heavy meal.

Blackberry leaves make a pleasant tea that is believed to soothe digestive overload.

Please don’t eat any plants you find in the park unless you are absolutely sure of their identity and their properties.

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