A fascinating fact about magpies

Magpies are one of the rare species of animals that can recognize its own image in the mirror: some apes, bottlenose dolphins and Asian elephants are the other species that can do this.

Header picture taken in the park by DKG; other picture from commonswikimedia.org (CC0)

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  1. There is a pair of magpies I see most mornings in the car park. They check out all the rubbish that people have thrown out of their car windows the night before. I think they recognise a McDonalds bag when they see it.

  2. I saw them there yesterday, looking inside a McDonald’s bag. I put the bag in the litter bin and the magpies sat in the hedge and watched me do it.

  3. Thank you, I have learned so many interesting facts about rabbits, foxes and now magpies from your posts in the past few days.

    1. Thank you Barbara. Unfortunately, while we are learning so much more about the creatures we are sharing the planet with, we don’t seem to be able to prevent ourselves from destroying their habitats. Here’s hoping that 2020 will bring the beginning of a change.

  4. Yes I do hope so! I dread to think how many animals have perished in the Australian bush fires.
    One more magpie anecdote, we have a couple of squirrels in the garden that come to steal the birds peanuts. Magpies follow them and as soon as a squirrel has buried a peanut and moved on, a magpie digs it up again. The squirrels seem completely unaware of what the magpies are doing.

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