There is a male bullfinch in the hawthorn hedge between Sleepers and Cornfield. He has been spotted on a couple of occasions this week.

Bullfinches generally remain in the same area throughout their lives so this may be the same male bird that DKG photographed in August of 2018, feeding on dock seeds near Puddle Corner.

Bullfinch feeding in the park photographed by DKG in 2018

Hopefully, he is half of a pair and the female was sitting discreetly in the bushes nearby. The female bullfinch is much less brightly coloured and not so easy to see or identify.

Both male and female have distinctive white rumps that are very visible when they are in flight; keep watch and send us an email if you see the brightly coloured male or his more camouflaged mate.

1 .Female; 2 .Male; 3. Male in flight. (Pictures from Creative Commons)

Header Picture taken in the park by DKG

More about the park’s finches:

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