Birds of Conservation Concern Red List

According to the RSPB, there are 67 species of British birds now on the Birds of Conservation Concern Red List, more than ever before. The Red List are those birds that need urgent conservation action if their falling populations are to survive our environmental emergency.

Almost a quarter of the 67 species have been seen in the park in the past seven years. Here is a list of them:

Grasshopper warbler
Marsh tit
Spotted flycatcher


Mistle thrush
Grey wagtail
House sparrow
Tree sparrow
Song thrush
. . . . .

1. Song thrush; 2. Fieldfare; 3. Skylark

4. Marsh tit; 5. Cuckoo; 6. Redwing

Our park is increasingly important habitat at a time of crisis; it is an open woodland site for resident birds looking to nest as well as a safe green oasis for migrants to pause their journeys to rest and feed.

More about the park as a safe haven for endangered species:

Conservation status

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