Here’s an interesting data set from the British Trust for Ornithology.

The park has played host to all four of the red-listed species on this chart, house sparrow, starling, skylark and song thrush, and to three out of the four amber-listed species: dunnock, meadow pipit and willow warbler.

1. House sparrow; 2. starling; 3. skylark; 4. song thrush.

We know that more than one pair of song thrushes nest in the park, as do dunnock and willow warbler; house sparrows and starlings nest nearby in the buildings in Hope Nature Centre and Church Lane and come to the park to feed. Meadow pipit and skylark are both ground nesting species, though, unlikely to breed here.

1. Dunnock; 2. meadow pipit; 3. willow warbler

Check our species lists here:

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