Mail from Sarah Marsh


A short report on this morning’s litter picking in the park. It’s a bit of a rant I’m afraid but litter really does annoy me.
The Country Park is regularly litter-picked by the Friends, by other volunteers and members of the public.  This morning, ten minutes spent on the Park’s boundary with the A361 Frome Road yielded a large bag full of rubbish.  This consisted mostly of crisp and sweet packets and drinks cans, presumably thrown through car windows. There was also a big plastic crate.

Along this boundary with the A361 is a ditch and tributary running into the Lambrok at Whiterow Bridge. All this litter ends up in streams and rivers and eventually into the oceans. Please don’t do it. Please discourage anyone you see discarding litter and encourage the use of the three litter bins in the main car park. Thank you


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