UK BAP Priority Species

While reviewing our species lists, we found that eleven species of our Lepidoptera are UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Species!

Our invertebrate lists are long and scholarly; this is because Ian Bushell, our resident entomologist, is in charge of them. Ian is Livestock Coordinator of the Phasmid Study Group and he has expert back-up in the person of his son, Mark, who is Curator of Invertebrates at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

1. Ghost moth; 2. September thorn; 3. Centre barred sallow; 4. Cinnabar moth caterpillars;
5. Blood vein moth; 6. Dot moth caterpillar

Hugo Brooke and Roger Beckett (respectively HB and RB on our list) are acknowledged experts in this field and they have captured and identified some of these moths for us. Other identifications have been made via photographs that we send to the appropriate County Recorders.

7. Mouse moth; 8. Small square spot moth; 9. The rustic; 10. White letter hairstreak;
11. Small heath.

Southwick Country Park is on the edge of being declared a Local Nature Reserve and every time we step away from the endless tasks of cutting back, shovelling and digging, we find another indicator of its exceptional biodiversity.

At the moment we are surrounded by land that has been allocated for housing development. We have to ensure that the park’s biodiversity is recognised by the developers and their ecologists and taken into account in their surveys and plans.

Here is the whole list of our UK BAP Priority Species Lepidoptera:

Compiled by Ian Bushell

Header picture Cinnabar moth (CC0)

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