Objections to application 20/00379/OUT

Mail from Simon Tesler at Southwick Court:

Good morning,

May I use the Country Park website to issue a few talking points to neighbours concerned about planning application 20/00379/OUT so that they can make more constructive arguments to Wiltshire Council? You’re right to warn that “save the fields” objections will probably be disregarded by WC.
I have drawn up some bullet points which I would like circulate to people who want to file more constructive objections.

The ecology assessment produced by EnGain for the developers actually admits that no attempt was made to survey the private woodland, stream and lake at Southwick Court. This is an incredibly important feeding and living habitat for protected species including bats, otters, water voles and many other animals. It is the largest lake by far in the immediate area, and the access road across the Lambrok stream will prevent animals from reaching it from Southwick Country Park. No application should be approved until a full ecology survey has been done of the private land at Southwick Court.

1. Otter; 2. Water vole

The proposed development, and especially the access road joining Frome Road, damage the historical landscape and setting of Southwick’s only grade II* listed property. These fields are ancient farmlands that have always been associated with Southwick Court and should not have a road built through them or modern houses built on them. They should be retained as a public amenity.

Frome Road is already far too busy, and it’s not practical to add to the daily traffic build-up entering Trowbridge by adding another 300 car journeys a day from a new development which has only one road in and out. The nearest shop of any description – Tesco Express on Frome Road – would be more than a mile away by car from the development. If any development takes place, the access road should be from the North or Bradley Road/Spitfire roundabout to the East, which offer easy access to the existing retail parks.

3. Route of planned access road; 4. Area where access road will enter Firs Hill

The fields south of Trowbridge are ancient water meadows and are always getting flooded by the Lambrok stream. Any one who walks there knows that they are marshy and water logged throughout the Autumn and Winter especially at the end of Spring Meadows, where the proposed access road would cross the Lambrok stream. Any development of those fields will make the flooding even worse, not just on the site itself but also spreading out into the existing houses in Trowbridge Grove.

5. Floods in Spring Meadows; 6. EA Flood Zone Map

This proposal offers developers the cornerstone for further building works that will completely erase the buffer zone between Trowbridge and the neighbouring villages of Southwick and North Bradley. It’s more important to fill in the brown field sites within Trowbridge before you start paving over the fields around the town.

Thank you,

Two more posts about Waddeton Park’s application to build in the fields between Southwick and Trowbridge.

20/00379/OUT public consultation extended

Planning Application 20/00379/OUT

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    1. Habitat fragmentation is one of the factors driving this country’s ongoing loss of species. If we don’t soon begin to plan for wider landscapes than just the next building site, we are in terrible trouble. The Lambrok, from the Biss, through the park, through the Court’s moat and to the fields south of Southwick, should be assessed, planned for, and conserved as a single ecological unit.

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