Planning Application 20/00379/OUT

Waddeton Park Ltd have applied for outline planning permission for the building of “approximately 180 residential dwellings” on the green fields at Southwick Court, between Southwick village and the southern edge of Trowbridge.

There are rumours that Inspector Stephen Lee’s response to the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan has been delivered to the council and the submission last week of this outline planning application for the site at Southwick Court (H2.6) seems to indicate that some conclusion has been reached. Nothing, as yet, has been made public and the WHSAP Examination page on the Wiltshire Council’s website has not been updated since September 2019.

As ever, FoSCP’s concerns are for the ecological impact on Lambrok Stream of any development in the Lambrok catchment area, and for the nine species of bats that use Southwick Country Park as summer roosts and feeding grounds.

To these concerns we are now adding the location of the development’s access road which will exit onto Firs Hill, pretty much right outside the park entrance, and will involve the destruction of an old hedge line and the planting of a new one. That Waddeton Park Ltd thinks new-for-old is appropriate for a hedge marked on the 1886 map shows us how much trouble we are in.

Please, please take the time to go through some of these documents. The developers’ and their agent’s quite legitimate concerns are only to maximise their profits while staying within the rules. They might paste pictures of trees and happy families into their plans but this does not mean that they will willingly give up any of their gains to put our environment first.

At this time of ecological emergency, FoSCP and the general public, the park’s users, its runners and dog walkers, enthusiastic amateur ecologists and chiroptologists are the only people who can protect these precious and ecologically important green spaces between Trowbridge and the surrounding villages.

Header picture taken in the park by DKG

More about application 20/00379/OUT

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  1. There is a detailed site giving information about different types of hedgerows and the protection afforded to them –
    Countryside Hedgerows: protection and management.

  2. Why oh why do we need to be building on this beautiful green space. If Trowbridge is in need of housing, get on and use the Bowyer site.

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