20/00379/OUT: access road

Above is a map of the approximate route of the access road to and from the 180 houses that Waddeton Park Ltd has applied for permission to build in the fields to the north east of Southwick Court. (Planning Application 20/00379/OUT)

According to //assets.publishing.service.gov.uk (which, mysteriously, will not give us a working link to the document we are quoting) the average “rural town and fringe” household owns 1.4 cars. This means that the 180 houses proposed for this site will own, between them, 252 cars¹.

The average number of persons per household is 2.4 so there will be (180×2.4) 432 people living in those 180 houses, travelling in the 252 cars, and, according to the Office of National Statistics, each taking 19 trips per week, a total of 8,208 trips².

The ONS isn’t very clear about what actually constitutes a trip but states quite clearly that only 61% of them will be made by private motor vehicle; that makes 5,006.88 trips³ by motor vehicle per week. Bear with us; we’re nearly there.

The average number of people in any private motor vehicle is 1.59. So …. if we divide the number of trips per week by 1.59, we should get the number of motor vehicle journeys that will begin every week from those 180 houses and exit from the proposed access road onto Firs Hill, just above the park’s entrance, and accelerate away uphill in either direction, their engines emitting more pollution than at any other time in their journey.

So . . 5006.88 ÷ 1.59 = 3148.98. Let’s round that up to 3,150 and we have the number of extra car and van journeys per week that will begin by pulling out of the proposed access road onto the A361 at a point that the police already consider an accident blackspot.

¹ 180×1.4
² 432×19
³ 8208 ÷ 100 x 61

Firs Hill Road, outside the park entrance, just about where the junction with the access road will be.

Here is a link to Planning Application 20/00379/OUT‘s page on Wiltshire Council’s website. From there you can comment on the application; comments will be accepted until February 21st.

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