Objection letter to 20/00379/OUT

Simon Tesler of Southwick Court has written a letter of objection to planning application 20/00379/OUT.

With the agreement of Wiltshire Council’s planning department, the letter will serve as a petition: anyone who hasn’t already submitted their own objection can provide an endorsement to Simon’s letter and each will be counted as a separate submission in its own right.

Simon writes:

Please help us to fight the application to build a new access road and a development of 180 houses on the fields near the historic house of Southwick Court, on the fields opposite Southwick Country Park. The consultation period ends on March 13th.

All you have to do is message me on 07976 766983 or email me at simon@tesler.co.uk with the words:

I/we [insert your names] of [insert your address] would like to add my/our name/s to this letter of objection. Please count my/our name/s as [number] submissions in opposition.”

We will submit this letter with your endorsement attached. Thank you!

Simon Tesler

One thought on “Objection letter to 20/00379/OUT

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  1. Every objection made is important,and shows the strength of feeling in the local community against this proposed development.

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