Has anybody seen the owls?

Two years ago, in the first week of March, there was a pair of barn owls in the park. They hunted over Lambrok Meadow and the field between Lambrok Stream and Church Lane where a developer plans to build 45 houses.

We hoped they were looking for a nest site and they did seem to favour what looked like a very suitable oak tree. But the weather deteriorated into a memorably cold spring, driven by the Beast from the East, and the owls moved on.

1. Taken in the park by DKG; 2. (CC0) from Google Images

This pair was seen and photographed very early in the morning so can we ask the early risers and walkers among you to please keep a look out for them this year. If they were to return and raise chicks in the park it would be a significant feather in our caps.

To help those of us who think that owls hoot, here is a recording of the barn owl’s call. They make one of those unexpected night time noises, like a vixen shrieking or a hedgehog snorting, that make us jump nervously. It also explains why they are known as screech owls

Barn owl recorded by AUDEVARD Aurélien (Xeno-canto.org)
Header picture: Barn owl by Peter K Burian (CC BY 4.0) wikimedia.org

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