A Stroll in the Park

Mail from Ian Bushell:

Very pleasant walk in the park yesterday morning with Pat. The birds are getting very vocal now; there was a Blackbird really giving it welly at the top of Simpson’s Field.

There were Long tailed Tits and a Bullfinch in the hedge leading towards Puddle Corner and a Wren singing well down beside the stream. Not a chirrup from the Chiffchaffs though, they must be still on the way home from Africa.

Puddle Corner is flooded again (or still) and you can see the stream going across the field where the horses graze behind the pond and towards Lambrok tributary. Everywhere is really soggy and very muddy. 
The native Daffodils we planted a couple of years back are showing up well along the copse edge on Village  Green. 

The oldest of the Willow Pollards, number 5477, a branch and part of the trunk have failed and split away; not linked to having its bark stripped, just a very old tree losing a limb to a very windy and wet winter. Sad but always going to happen. I have sent you photographs. 

  • Header picture:
    Willow pollard 5477 posted to our Fb page by Julie Newblé
  • Audio: Common blackbird song recorded by Beatrix Saadi-Varchmin.

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